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 Apparently under the influence of the environment every location in your home can also be absorbent. A bit of standing water on the roof, joints of corrugated roofing screws, gap between the door frame and the wall button ... When you've got a leak hole, then waterproofing started an "arduous journey" to fix absorbent leak situation.
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First we need to pay attention to objective factors such as environmental and construction materials, let us find out the causes leading to this situation. The majority of building materials and finishing (concrete, ceramic tiles, tiles ...) are the tiny holes on the surface and the cracks caused by the impact of environmental and construction process, using stop. From the "pinhole" that, under the change of weather will be the beginning of the latter situation leaking permeability. So, to note a few more concepts in the use and design from time to shape the basic idea of ​​the house.

The wall surface exposed to extreme climatic direction should take measures shielding, radiation reduction as climbing trees to create arrays that incorporate fountains wall surface makes no sudden shrinkage caused by temperature changes .
It should be noted flat roof slope is essentially a small slope, not the horizontal plane as ... countertops. Therefore to calculate reasonable watershed with approximately rated slopes not too long, many grooves and holes layout improvements. Limiting the obstacles that block the drainage on the roof direction as decorative columns, flower beds ... More "suffering all" has concluded that if the roof had to regularly use his roof, for example, doing fitness site, plant trees ... If not, better tile roofing on flat roofs or exalted than blank, just from having waterproofing, just can resist heat, dust reduction.
In waterproofing treatment, approximately 50% related to water supply and sewerage pipelines. Quality pipe, construction specifications, handling joints ... errors can cause unpredictable permeability. Even condensation drain pipes of the air conditioning even a tiny piece D21 tube without first calculated from the wall or floor absorbent also cause very uncomfortable.
Observe traditional house of his father with the slope erstwhile given so far compared with the almost non waterproof (only against leaking roofing material such as leaves or tiles decay nowhere locally dirty). Many villas are now the preferred way to do not run around the roof anymore Seno arranged directly roof drainage around the garden away from a "drop of picturesque patio" tradition. Of course, the way to calculate the drainage to not put water into the side or cross to the wind on the water.

Next can not fail to mention is that the main objective factors is technically weak waterproofing of some construction companies now, wrong procedure conducted intensive professional fight caused incalculable consequences later .

Now you go to choose a contractor to build understanding rules and procedures s building waterproofing, milk right choice will not make you have a headache thinking to find solutions for the following waterproofing.

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