Design consultant beautiful 2 story home with feng shui

 Design consultancy requirements: My family plot area 4,1m x Rock, 22.5, westbound. Both my wife and I were both born in 1979. Thanks to the consulting architect for my family Beautiful 2 storey building with feng shui.

The house has a front yard for cars, 1 room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen + dining room, 2 toilets.

With age so my wife and I, stove and bedding should be placed in any direction to suit the landscape.

The plan design consultants 2 storey building as follows:

Construction Consultant designing beautiful 2 story home with feng shui

(Photo by Dream House Construction Company provided)

After a quick grasp of the current state of the area and ask your family, we would like to make some comments and propose a design plan for your reference as follows:

House West is not entirely consistent with your spouse age 2. However, it should not be too worried, your family can be overcome by: Using color of carpet in front to neutralize gas in accordance with the law deviant mutual Five, restraint is the "House turned westward , there's gas deviant Kim ". Maybe carpeted blue or gray.

About the layout: The first floor space, according to the demand of our family before leaving home doing yard parking cars. Next to the living room has an area of ​​19.4 m2, combined with atriums to plant trees to create attractive natural space makes more room airy and beautiful.

Combined kitchen space with the dining room has a large area of ​​16.6 m2, very spacious and comfortable to prepare meals for the whole family. According to feng shui, the stove is also an important factor, because all diseases and sanitation are born from here. User stove should be placed in a bad direction and look toward the good with the concept of "Well-hung towards the sand."

In your case, can put the following kitchen: Kitchen is located in the west and looking east, which is located at Par Excellent view of Restoration Area (fresh kitchen Recovery Area). Behind the kitchen is a toilet block with an area of ​​3.3 m2 1st floor serving combined with atriums and green trees to cool space for the kitchen.

Level 2 is designed with two bedrooms: One room 19,2 m2 and a 16.47 m2 rooms, each room with closed toilets are very comfortable in daily life. Bedroom indoor location and position bed in the bedroom should be a priority in the positive direction (the direction Concentrate, Natural Health, Dien Nien, Restoration Area). You belong Executive Fire, Fire Wood was born, so the direction of the bed should be turned towards Jupiter, which is the east, south, southeast.

Here, we designed the home's bedroom 2 bedroom, the bed was turned back south. Bedroom paint color, color curtains should use the green, this is the color representing Jupiter operator, very good for the people operating the Fire.

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